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Ellina C.
Ellina C.
13:04 10 May 22
Very clean and quiet. Love using the big boys good prices very affordable. Not a lot of traffic during the time I came.
Mariseth A.
Mariseth A.
12:44 20 Aug 21
Cleanest laundromat I've come across. Small and pretty busy most hours of the day but never a shortage on washing machines or drying machines.Every time I...
Mellie D.
Mellie D.
06:28 30 Jun 21
Best laundromat in the area. Very clean, newer machines and there is always an employee there to help you out.Best part is that you never have to worry...
Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.
16:44 13 Jun 21
Love coming here It's very clean I like the weekly deals although I hardly even make it those days. Gets a little crowded in the evenings. Overall great...
Lily K.
Lily K.
10:19 25 May 21
Extremely clean, well maintained, and family run, what more could you ask for from a laundromat? The machines are reasonably priced with different...
Elah J.
Elah J.
16:10 15 Apr 21
I really like coming here. Pros: clean, they sell snacks soap ect., provide affordable wash and fold laundry service. Nice area with a Thai food restaurant...
Tania M.
Tania M.
13:22 08 Jan 21
Service is really nice. There are plenty of washers and driers. I always go in the evenings and its not crowded and people are considerate and take their...
Jazmin R.
Jazmin R.
22:25 05 Jan 21
So clean and well taken care, staff is super helpful! Left my work uniform's here I called in the morning and they held it for me until I could come pick it...
Tinsley M.
Tinsley M.
20:23 27 Dec 20
I needed bedding & furniture slipcovers washed/folded for the same day. They did a great job & got it done very quickly. Although I didn't use their...
Kelly J.
Kelly J.
09:55 28 Nov 20
My washer and dryer gave up the ghost last month. I ordered new machines but they won't arrive for 6 weeks. I have been coming here to wash my laundry and...
Bitty B.
Bitty B.
20:35 17 Nov 20
Ok so my daughter and I came here last year and had a horrrrrible experience. Rude staff, poor service, issues with the machine anyway, fast forward...the...
Jordan T.
Jordan T.
15:58 31 Oct 20
The way I like to come hear because it's clean and the service is good
Richard D.
Richard D.
22:15 25 Oct 20
First time user of a laundromat here in the Bay Area. Ever since making the switch to road tripping, needed to find a place to do laundry and I must say...
Auriana N.
Auriana N.
17:35 13 Oct 20
Since this laundromat is pretty close to my residence I decided to give it a go! Always super clean when I go in and the attendants are always,...
Pasqual R.
Pasqual R.
06:42 11 Sep 20
Went from a 5 to a 3 . Open at 6 that's a good thing but no one to help u if machine has error code or give u change if out of order sign is on coin...
Jonathan Paul Halili
Jonathan Paul H.
01:11 08 Jun 20
Elena Flores
Elena F.
19:23 02 Jun 20
Very neat and clean. The customer service is great. The employees are knowledgeable when it comes to the machines and helpful to the customers. I appreciated there service while I was there
Carlos Aguinaga
Carlos A.
03:23 01 Jun 20
Lindsay Lockhart
Lindsay L.
03:16 24 May 20
Very clean and the lady that worked there (sorry I didn't get her name) was very nice and helpful
20:52 21 May 20
H Branstetter
H B.
20:48 18 Jan 20
Clean, folks are friendly, washers and dryers are newer, and resonably priced!
Sandra Parra
Sandra P.
16:57 28 Nov 19
Danielle P.
Danielle P.
12:24 10 Oct 19
Came here after having bad service at a different drop off laundromat. I brought bulky duvet covers and sheet sets and they had everything washed and ready...
Felicia J.
Felicia J.
13:08 22 Aug 19
Probably the best laundromat I've ever been to. The employees are super sweet and always have a smile on their faces, which is nice. They also work really...
Eric Christopher
Eric C.
01:33 10 Jul 19
Oren iShii
Oren I.
17:31 12 Jun 19
Hey I love this place! Went here to wash my dog’s bed cus they have the really big washers. I wasn’t expecting it to be a positive experience considering it’s a laundromat. In San Jose. But, I was pleasantly surprised. They have very friendly attendants at all times who are either sweeping, cleaning or folding. The place is super clean, and the machines are new and very clean. They have discounts on Wednesdays (50% off the large washers) & Thursdays (free dry).Only bad thing for me is that it’s a small space - they’ve cramped as many machines as they can and 2 people w laundry rolling carts would have to take turns passing each other by in between machines.The bathroom is code key and toilet is very clean & sanitary. They have a 60inch TV with mostly NFL or NBA or my favorites, novelas. Free WiFi - haven’t tried it yet tho.Overall, this laundromat is great!
02:37 05 Jun 19
Adrian Garcia
Adrian G.
04:25 24 Apr 19
Very good
Deane Cherry
Deane C.
12:08 29 Mar 19
I am so pleased with the service I got at The Wash Stop. The attendants are friendly and attentive, the store had everything I needed with free and reliable WiFi. I highly recommend this laundromat for travelers and locals!
Dean Ellington
Dean E.
14:00 03 Jan 19
I used their wash and fold service, it was surprisingly affordable even for same day service. Friendly staff great place for the road warrior.
Sam Shneider
Sam S.
21:46 22 Nov 18
Me encantó el servicio. Las instalaciones están limpias y las máquinas están en buen estado. No maltratan la ropa.
Sandra Landeros
Sandra L.
19:10 21 Nov 18
My first time here and so far great! Why because I’ve been looking for a nice clean place to come wash my big blanket’s and pillows. A place that doesn’t have broken down washers and dryers and doesn’t reek of mold! I don’t live close by this place but will travel here to wash. It’s a very small place but it’s worth it to come here.
Bill Potts
Bill P.
20:39 04 Nov 18
Fine place, but way way too busy. Avoid on Sunday
**Laurel **
**Laurel *.
22:52 07 Oct 18
Maria Lynn
Maria L.
00:08 22 Feb 18
Great customer service; this team really cares about their customers and will take good care of you. Pickup and delivery service is fast and trustworthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the area. CK website for coupons too!
Patric Esteban
Patric E.
23:25 30 Jan 18
This is a really great washstop with high quality washers and wifi! The other laundry mats around downtown are a pain to get to, and over priced to gouge SJSU students. This place is highly recommended if you want to get out of the downtown area.
Selcuk Tekin
Selcuk T.
02:16 19 Jan 18
Staff is awesome. So much so that you are treated with an Oreo while waiting:) prices are good. parking is not a problem. the only con is washers dont accept credit cards.
Maya Garcia
Maya G.
04:32 09 Nov 17
Always keep clean.
Amanda Alvarado
Amanda A.
00:29 03 Nov 17
Alexander Sami
Alexander S.
13:21 20 Sep 17
Kin Kita
Kin K.
22:59 29 Jul 17
Nice place and the employees are very helpful
Mr Tello
Mr T.
22:51 29 Jul 17
Ryan Hansen
Ryan H.
05:37 26 Jul 17
Nice spot, good machines and they sell lots of soap and food and drink. Definitely coming back.
Peter Richers
Peter R.
18:54 20 Jul 17
New machines and clean
Michael Achterberg
Michael A.
06:51 30 Jun 17
Good place to do your laundry. They have internet access and low rates.
Anthony Maës
Anthony M.
03:24 29 May 17
I don't always review laundromats, but this is a great one! Late hours, credit cards accepted, super clean, an attendant to help you if you need, and brand new, fast machines! Woohoo!
myrna martinez
myrna M.
14:46 30 Apr 17
Jaime Gamboa
Jaime G.
15:53 27 Apr 17
Very clean and usually quiet and orderly! Staff is great! Patrons welcoming!
Jamiel Parker
Jamiel P.
22:06 18 Dec 16
A mixture of coin operated & FREE washers and dryers!!!! quiet clean facility.this is SAN JOSE'S FINEST Laundry Mat by far in Beautifully Downtown Willow Glen !! Has an array of quailty shopping centers around it also. located in 1120 willow st AWESOME
Baby LeCornu
Baby L.
17:09 20 Apr 16