Shelter In Place Special

Walk-In Promotion: $1.00 per lb. for Wash & Fold Orders (33% off – does not include dry cleaning)*

Delivery Promotion: FREE Pickup / Drop Off for Wash & Fold / Dry Cleaning Orders (at regular price)*

Mention this promotion when dropping off an order or scheduling a pickup to qualify for this offer.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us (in our community and throughout the world) are going through a difficult time. Our hearts go out to all of you, from the front line health workers, to the staff at essential businesses making sure basic services continue to function. Our prayers go to those who are sick, and to those with a sick friend or family member. Our thanks to those unrecognized heroes that have been stuck at home for months doing what they can to save lives.

To support our local community during the shelter in place order, we are announcing 2 new promotions. The first is a wash and fold special for walk-in orders. The second provides free delivery of all wash and fold and dry cleaning orders to residential customers.

These promotions will last until the end of the shelter in place order, or the end of June, whichever comes sooner.

We are proud to be an essential Santa Clara County business, providing people with access to clean clothes during this difficult time.

– The Wash stop

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* You must mention this promotion to qualify for the special price. These specials are valid until the end of June, or the end of the shelter in place order in Santa Clara County, whichever comes sooner. Promotion not valid on rush or same day orders. Regular Wash & Fold price is $1.50 per lb. Regular Delivery price is $5 or $10 each way based on distance. Delivery orders do not qualify for walk-in special pricing. 10 pound minimum order for wash and fold. $15 minimum for delivery dry cleaning order, unless accompanied by a wash and fold order. This promotion is valid only for residential customers.